Lost Children

Lost Children

Thani's Character Theme

Appearance Edit

Standing at 5'6'' (167 cm) and weighing in at 149 pounds (67.5 kg), Thani would appear to be an average 16-year old Terran Human. Except for the fact she isn't human at all.

Yes, Thani comes from a peculiar species named Trifans by humans. Humanoid in figure, this species is notable for its remarkably fast sexual maturity. A 16-year old Trifan is equivalent to a 30-year old Human.

However, the biggest trait is the longer front limbs that once served to secure prey and swing away from predators.

Thani is a relatively normal adult Trifan. Her skin colour a bluish-green, she is exactly what you'd expect from a Trifan her age; average height, long black hair, azure eyes and a D cup to round out her figure.

Thani dresses relatively well for someone so focused in calculations and plans: If she's not in a blue bodysuit covering her whole figure when fighting with the Squadron, she is often times wearing a long blue skirt and a white t-shirt, complete with black shoes.

Background Edit

Nerd, relatively shy detective/strategist alien! thani best girl

Mechsuit: Kingpin Fourier Edit

Appearance Edit

Kingpin Fourier is a 5'10'' mechsuit, designed to get an advantage in terms of battlefield knowledge. It is only suitable for Trifans to use, due to the elongated arms.

A grayish azure coats the mechanical work of art. White and green lines go through the back of the suit, ending in the suit's signature symbol: a roaring lioness.

Equipment Edit

As it is designed for strategic purposes, Kingpin Fourier is a lightly armored and medium (light when Kingpin Units are detached) weighted unit, equipped with standard, high-power jet propulsors and wheels on the bottom of its feet to strafe around the battlefield quickly. As is standard for all mechsuits, Fourier is equipped with a standard-issue light rifle to defend itself, as well as a light shield.

Kingpin Units

The Kingpin units are four small, light drones, with a pair located on each shoulder when attached to Fourier. These units are detachable and can move up to 400 feet away from the mechsuit.

Each of these units possesses a camera with X-Ray, Infrared and Visible Light modes, designed to take better notes of the surrounding fields. Additionally, each unit possesses a weak energy shield that protects it from a little of damage.