Dangrosia is a planet near the edge of the galactic disc, orbiting a main sequence star that is otherwise unremarkable. It is the setting for the Squadron RP story.

While it had no native life, Dangrosia was first colonised by humans during the days of their empire. A new colony when the empire fell, the colonists were few in number and very quickly they had to turn to settling into the environment. Consumable terraforming technology was one of the biggest technological advantages that the human empire had, allowing them to colonise incredibly quickly.

The environment of new Dangrosia (whose initial colony name was forgotten to history) was mostly arable farmland. Enriched, non-decomposable soil was the first layer in which crops and plants were sown.

Over the course of hundreds of years, the colony grew into something approaching functional when a solar flare caused a generation of horror. Life became incredibly difficult for the colonists who had by now split into factions and commanded their own lands. Nationstates rose and fell, and civilisations became and ceased. The story of the colonists' arrival became masked by millennia of war and purges, until it reached an uneasy peace.

Then the Dangrus arrived.

In the greater bulk of the galaxy, the reign of man was soon to be over, unbeknownst to the colonists of Dangrosia, who took a new name from the arrival of the ship. This frigate arrived and brought with it ambassadors and scientists from the empire, and every fifty years, they reported back to the empire's centre.

The last word of Dangrosia's exploits were received a hundred or so years later, just before the start of the galactic civil war. Three thousand years of war raged across a hundred billion stars. Dangrosia was forgotten as the galaxy burned.

And then, peace.

A restless quiet, but an alliance of ruling bodies was formed, even as they bickered, understanding the need for unity in the ruins of a fallen galaxy. Man was no longer the biggest faction among the stars and a thousand species all battled for supremacy in the new political arenas. There are still high tensions within the Alliance, but it was preferable to the atrocities committed in three millennia of conflict.

The next few decades were spent attempting to conduct a census in order to understand the spread of all throughout the galaxy. It was during this inventory that Dangrosia's reports were rediscovered, and it was understood that after a century or two, these reports ceased being sent, the expeditory team presumed dead. The reports told of vast quantities of rare resources that were now in short supply. In view of the discovery of descriptions of the far-flung planet, a reconnaissance team is sent to the planet, with the intent of making a decision concerning the planet's future in the galaxy.

It is here that Squadron begins.