Appearance Edit

Unknown. Never seen without suit on.

Background Edit

A character of questionable past, Guilt appeared on the radar following an explosion that destroyed half of the Hioshiko Development Facility in 1108, tho having no previous records of said pilot or suit existing at that time in data bases.

Guilt has been constantly chased by hired mercenaries of unknown contractors, and almost every time breaks out in a fight. Guilt mainly sticks to dark places and places he hopes the mercs won't bother to look. In his free time, he heads to flower shops to look at various flora.

Mechsuit: XF-00 N.E.O.N Edit

Appearance Edit

Standing at 5'9 head top and 6'2 at head crest, the NEON is quite slim under the commonly worn cloth armor, weighing in at 2.1 tons.

The materials making it are unlike what most have seen, as it is quite high quality and very expensive, raising the question of how he got the suit in the first place. The suit itself is covered in well hidden thrusters and heat vents.

Over the armor are several points that may or may not be holding weapons/ more thrusters, and may cause him to be searched if he is for some reason traveling without his cloth armor.

On his hips are 4 mounted weapons at most times, less in use, and on his back, a medium sized wing pack, able to fold up to a small size, or spread open to give access to his large back thrusters of the pack as needed. at the bottom of the wing pack is a mounting point used to hold the PLANK.

The XF-00 is made for high speed movement and pinpoint accurate thrusts and turns, able to go from 0 to 120 in 4 seconds.

Equipment Edit

- X2 High energy Beam Rifles

- X2 Waist Mounted Rail Cannons ; High powered deadly weapons, these folding rail cannons work well for attacking anything that moves, rather in the air, on ground, or in water. Armor Piercing.

- X8 Neo Dragoon Mobile Weapon Wing ; Dragoon Remote Controlled Attack Pods are mounted on each of the eight mounting points of the NEONs wing pack. Each Dragoon is armed with two MA-80V beam assault cannons and can form a beam blade at the tip for when they eventually run out of ammo. All Dragoons are easily controlled by the user via an advanced quantum communication system.

- X1 Pivoting Longrange Accelerated Neutron Kalashnikov (aka P.L.A.N.K) ; The PLANK Is an attachment to the High Energy Beam Rifle B(The rear part of the sniper) that turns the Rifle into a shotgun / cutter gun depending on spread of the PLANK. the plank has two modes. Open and closed. when fired, all 9 barrels of the PLANK fire at the same time, able to deal much damage. to a large group.